Business law | The majority of our clients are economic organizations executing production- construction- or service activities. We support their operation in full spectrum; from supervising trading contracts through dealing with company law-disputes until the representation of our clients during liquidation procedures.

Venture capital | Our firm proudly cooperates with a significant actor of the Hungarian venture capital market for years. We manage all legal aspects of the total investment process ranging from legal due diligences to syndicate agreement all the way through the monitoring of daily operations of the investment target.

Labor law | Effective and legal employment is a common interest of the employer and the employee. To promote this we offer complex services from labor law due diligences to representation during labor litigation.

Local governments | We offer a decade-long experience of working with local governments, publicly owned companies and partnership associations. We’ve represented fiduciary companies during the litigation process, dealt with issues of partnership associations and PPP-transactions.

Individual clients | We provide our individual clients (both local and foreign) with services related to real estates and labor law issues. We aim to represent their interests during ligitation and out-of-court settlements.

Non-governmental organizations | Non-governmental organizations are an important adhesive of the business life and society. We consider our activity executed for foundations and other associations as important due to the social usefulness of these organizations.